Volume 11, No. 6

December 2023  


  1-   2  ...  Preface

Seungmin Rho, Yangsun Lee, Kim Yanghoon, Dae-Sik Ko

   3-  12   ...   [1] Design and evaluation of artificial intelligence models for abnormal data detection and prediction 

Hae-Jong Joo, Ho-Bin Song

  13-  20  ...   [2] Transfer Learning Models for Enhanced Prediction of Cracked Tires

Candra Zonyfar, Taek Lee, Jung-Been Lee, Jeong-Dong Kim

 2127   ...   [3] Deep Reinforcement Learning based Tourism Experience Path Finding

Kyung-Hee Park,  Juntae Kim 

  2833   ...   [4] Design of the air purification system with On/Off fan control to reduce harmful air in nail shop

Minwoo Cheon

  34-  46  ...   [5] Non-pneumatic Tire Design System based on Generative Adversarial Networks

JuYong Seong, Hyunjun Lee, Sungchul Lee

  47-  55  ...   [6] A Study on Safety Assessment Platform for wheelchair structural design

Yongwoo Lee, Jinhee Lee

  56-  67  ...   [7] Analysis of E-Waste Disposal Trends  in a Security Perspective

Juno Lee, Yuna Han, Yeji Choi, Yurim Choi, Hangbae Chang

  6878  ...   [8] Analysis of Color Distortion in Hazy Images

JeongYeop Kim

  79-  88 ...   [9] Safety management service using voice chatbot for risks response of field workers 

Yun-Hee Kang, Chang-Su Park, Yong-Hak Lee, Dong-Ho Kim, Eui-Gu Kim, Myung-Ju Kang

  89- 105 ...   [10] Real-Time Indexing Performance Optimization of Search Platform Based on Big Data Cluster

Nayeon Keum, Dongchul Park

 106- 115 ...   [11] Implementation of Autonomous Vehicle Situational Awareness Technology using 

                         Infrastructure Edge on a Two-way Single Lane in Traffic-isolated Area

Seongjong Kim, Seokil Song