Volume 7, No. 4

December 2020

1 ... Preface

Young-Chul Kim, Bongen Gu, Dae-Young Kim, Baek-ki Kim

3- 8 ... [1] Research practices on Integrated Architecture based on Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

Park Young Sik, R. Young Chul Kim, Y. H. Kang, Bo Kyung Park, Jang Woo Sung

9-15 ... [2] Extracting context information for disaster response by using speech to text data

Yun-Hee Kang, Min-Ho Lee, Seung-Ho Park, Myung-Ju Kang

16-22 ... [3] A Study on the Perception of Patients with Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment in VR

Jae Hoon Oh , Jae Yong Kim , Yoon Sang Jeong , Hwan Seok Kim , Do Young Park , Seo Hyuck Lee

23-32 ... [4] Design and Feasibility Analysis of AI and VR Technology Service for Forest Welfare Realization

Do-Eun Cho, Daesik Ko

33-41 ... [5] Design and Analysis of Zone Master for Group Management of Distributed Programmable Devices

Sang Jun Jeon, Ye In So, Jeong Ho Kim

42-48 ... [6] Grid based Spatio-Textual Indexing Method using Bloom Filter

Sang-Deok Park, Nyamdavaa Ariunerdene, Daesik Ko, Seok-Il Song

49-56 ... [7] A Research of JavaScript Obfuscation Using Random Numbers and Hash Function

Young-Ho Kim, Dong-Sik Choi, Sang-Soo Yeo

57-63 ... [8] A Structure Design of Classifier for Analyzing Network Packet Streams

Jinho Yoo