Volume 6, No. 4

December 2018

1 ... Preface

Daesik Ko, Hangbae Chang, Daeyoung Kim, Baekki Kim

3-10 ... [1] Goal-Posture-Determination of a Steerable Mobile Robot for Active Information Display

Jeong-eom Lee, Chong-ho Yi, Dong-won Kim

11-17 ... [2] Analysis on the Possibility of Electronic Surveillance Society in the Intelligence Information age

Choong-Sik Chung

18-25 ... [3] Human and Robot Tracking Using Histogram of Oriented Gradient Feature

Jeong-eom Lee, Chong-ho Yi, Dong-won Kim

26-33 ... [4] Hardware Accelerated Design on Bag of Words Classification Algorithm

Chang-yong Lee, Ji-yong Lee, Yong-hwan Lee

34-40 ... [5] A Study on Sequential Iterative Learning for Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting Phenomenon of Artificial Neural Network

Dong-bin Choi, Young-beom Park

41-48 ... [6] Implementation of Infant Monitoring System using AHRS Algorithm

Eun Kim, Seokhoon Kim, Dae-Young Kim

49-58 ... [7] The Design of A HPC based System For Responding Complex Disaster

Kyung-woo Kang, Yun-hee Kang

59-68 ... [8] Failure Rate of Solar Monitoring System Hardware using Relex

Rog-gook Park, Deok-soo Lee, Jeong-sun Jang

69-77 ... [9] Design and Analysis of Technical Management System of Personal Information Security using Web Crawer

In-pyo Park , Sang-june Jeon, Jeong-ho Kim

78-86 ... [10] VR-based Hiking System that supports Real-time Field Condition

Dae-sik Ko

87-95 ... [11] NGSOne: Cloud-based NGS data analysis tool

Chang-hyuk Kwon, Jason Kim, Jeong-hwa Jang, Jae-gyoon Ahn