Volume 11, No. 5

October 2023  

  1 2  ...   Preface

Seungmin Rho, Yangsun Lee, Kim Yanghoon, Dae-Sik Ko

   3-  15   ...   [1] An Automatic Generation Method of Traceability Links from Requirement to Design in Business Applications

Soojin Park 

  1622   ...   [2] A study on age estimation of facial images using various CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks)

Sung Eun Choi

  2336  ...   [3] Cluster Analysis Study based on Content Types of <Heungbu-jeon> versions

Woonho Choi, Dong Gun Kim

  3748   ...   [4] A Study on Decision Making for Blockchain-based IT Platform Selection for Security Token

Soo-oh Yang, Byung Wan Suh

  49-  58  ...   [5] Comparison and Evaluation of Data Collection System Database for Edge-Based Lightweight Platform

Woojin Cho, Chae-young Lim, Jae-hoi Gu

  59-  71  ...   [6] Estimation of Illuminant Chromaticity by Analysis of Human Skin Color Distribution

JeongYeop Kim    

  72-  83  ...   [7] Analysis of the scholastic capability of ChatGPT utilizing the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test

WEN HUILIN , Kim Jinhyuk, Han KyungHee, Kim Shiho   

  84-  96  ...   [8] Comparative Analysis on Network Slicing Techniques in 5G Environment

A Reum Ko, Ilhwan Ji, Hojun Jin, Seungho Jeon, Jung Taek Seo

  97- 109 ...   [9] Research on convergence data pre-processing technology for indoor positioning - based on crowdsourcing-

Seungyeob Lee, Byunghoon Jeon

 110- 125 ...   [10] Data Preprocessing and ML Analysis Method for Abnormal Situation Detection during Approach using Domestic Aircraft Safety Data

Sang Ho Lee, Ilrak Son, Kyuho Jeong, Nohsam Park

 126- 135 ...   [11] Response to Security Threats through Importance Analysis of NFT Service Provider Security Level Check Items

Dong Sung Im