Volume 9, No. 4

December 2021

1 ... Preface

Rho Seungmin, Lee Yangsun, Kim Yanghoon, Chang Hangbae

3- 9 ... [1] Road Object Graph Modeling Method for Efficient Road Situation Recognition

Seongmo Jeong, Seokil Song, Nyamdavaa Ariunerdene

10-31 ... [2] An exploratory study on the impacts of International Digital Tax Agreement on Korean Industry

Jinhui Lee, Taeyeol Kim

32-41 ... [3] An Exploratory Study on the impact of EU Adequacy Decision on GDPR compliant companies

YoungSoo Kim, Hangbae Chang

42-50 ... [4] A Study on the Implementation of an Android-based Educational IoT Smartfarm

Se-Jun Park

51-59 ... [5] An Inspection/Maintenance Job Scheduling Management Method by Using Location Information based

on Wi-Fi AP Connection History

Bongen Gu

60-70 ... [6] A Study on Design and Interpretation of Pattern Laser Coordinate Tracking Method for Curved Screen Using Multiple Cameras

Jinpyo Jo, Jeongho Kim,Yongbae Jeong

71-78 ... [7] A Study on the extraction of activity obstacles to improve self-driving efficiency

Chang min Park

79-89 ... [8] Design and Function Analysis of Dust Measurement Platform based on IoT protocol

Youngchan Cho, Jeongho Kim

90-96 ... [9] Study of Black Ice Detection Method through Color Image Analysis

Pill-Won Park, Seong-Soo Han