Volume 11, No. 3

June 2023  

  1       ...   Preface

Rho Seungmin, Yangsun Lee, Kim Yanghoon, Dae-Sik Ko

  3- 11   ...   [1] A Study on the Latency Analysis of Bus Information System Based on Edge Cloud System

SEO Seungho, Dae-Sik Ko 

 12- 23   ...   [2] Clustering Meta Information of K-Pop Girl Groups Using Term Frequency-inverse Document Frequency Vectorization

JoonSeo Hyeon, JaeHyuk Cho

 24- 31   ...   [3] A Basic Study on the Extraction of Dangerous Region for Safe Landing of self-Driving UAMs

Chang min Park

 32-44  ...   [4] Tracking of cryptocurrency moved through blockchain Bridge

Donghyun Ha, Taeshik Shon

 45- 55   ...   [5] A Box Office Type Classification and Prediction Model  Based on Automated Machine Learning for Maximizing  the Commercial Success of the Korean Film Industry

Subeen Leem, Jihoon Moon, Seungmin Rho

 56- 62   ...   [6] Research on the development of automated tools to  de-identify personal information of data for AI learning 

- Based on video data - 

Hyunju Lee, Seungyeob Lee, Byunghoon Jeon

 68- 75   ...   [7] A Study on the Efficient Germination of Barley Seed using Electrostatic Field

Dong-Hee Park 

 76- 82   ...   [8] Design and Implementation of Topology Generator for Smart Factory Security Endpoint Identification

Yanghoon Kim

83- 97   ...   [9] Analysis entrepreneurship trends using keyword analysis of news article Big Data :2013~2022

Jaeeog Kim, Byunghoon Jeon