Paper Submission

Instructions for Authors

Prepare Manuscript

Authors should prepare...

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Obtaining Permissions

If authors would like to include tables, figures, or text paragraphs which have been published in print or online materials in any formats, authors must obtain explicit permissions from the copyright owner(s) and include proofs/evidences of those permissions when submitting papers. Any contents submitted without such explicit declaration will be considered to originate from the authors.

Review Procedure


Review Requests to PC members and/or External reviewers within a week after submission

At least three reviewers will be assigned to review each submission.

Authors Notification

Authors will be notified of the decision on their manuscript, soon after all reviews are completed.

  • Accept as is

  • Consider after minor revision

  • Consider after major revision

  • Out of scopes

  • Reject

Final Manuscript Submission

Camera-ready Manuscript

After acceptance notification, authors should submit their camera-ready paper to the system (to be informed) no later than the specified deadline. The paper will be published as articles of JPT in a printed version and also in a online version with DOI.