Volume 8, No. 2

June 2020

1 ... Preface

R. Young-Chul Kim, Bongen Gu, Dae-Young Kim,  Young-beom Park

3- 9 ... [1] Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data

Md Ibrahim khalil, R. Young-Chul Kim, ChaeYun Seo

10-21 ... [2] Implementation of Route Selection System via Public Wifi Zone

Sang-Won Shin, Youngchan Lee, Dae-Young Kim

22-31 ... [3] Design and Analysis of Cell Controller Operation for Heat Process

Ye In So , Sang June Jeon , Jeong Ho Kim

32-43 ... [4] Development and Verification Methodology for Small Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System based

on Open System Architecture

Hyun-Chul Jo, Keunyoung Park