Volume 8, No. 4

December 2020

Pages Title and Authors
  1 Preface
R. Young-Chul Kim, Bongen Gu, Dae-Young Kim,  Young-beom Park
3-10 Design and Implementation of Data Logger for Elevator RemoteMonitoring
Bongen Gu
11-19 Dynamic Object DetectionArchitecture for LiDAR Embedded Processors
Minwoo Jung, Sanghoon Lee, Dae-Young Kim
20-28 Artificial intelligencewearable platform that supports the life cycle of the visually impaired
Siwoong Park, Jeung Eun Kim, Hyun Seo Kang, Hyoung Jun Park
29-37 A Study on the RiskReduction Plan of Cryptocurrency Exchange 
Myungim Lim, Hangbae Jang
38-46 Design and EvaluationSecurity Control Iconology for Big Data Processing
Jeon Sang June, Yun Seong Yul, Kim Jeong Ho
47-58 Implementation of TestAutomation Agent for DO-330 Tool Qualified of ARINC-661 Development Tool
Do Gyun Kim, Younggon Kim
59-69 Developmentof Fine Dust Monitoring System Using Small Edge Computing
KiHwan Hwang