Volume 3, No. 4

eDecember 2015

Pages Title and Authors
1-2 Preface
Seungmin Rho, Hangbae Chang, Sang-Soo Yeo, YunHee Kang
3-8 Design of Millimeter-wave Pyramidal Horn Antenna with Dielectric Slab
Dong-Hee Park
9-18 On Feature based Delaunay Triangulation for Palmprint Recognition
Zanobya N. Khan, Rashid Jalal Qureshi and Jamil Ahmad

19-28 A New Transmission Rate Upper Bound of HK Scheme for Interference System with M-QAM 
Fan Tingting, Yang Wei,  Xu Changlong, Young-il Kim





Implementation of BigData Analysis System for EMS 
Junseok Park, Sanghyuck Lee, Hyunil Lee, Byungchul Lee 

An Approach to Build an Efficient Intrusion Detection Classifier 
Thi-Thu-Huong Le, Jihyun Kim, Jaehyun Kim, Howon Kim 

Biometric Keystroke Authentication: A Survey 
Firdous Kausar, Alanoud Mohammad AlAbdulhadi, Areen Nasser AlYahya, Sarah Abdullatif AlSarami

Password Hashing Algorithms - From Past to Future
Tran Song Dat Phuc, Changhoon Lee

A Platform for Real-Time Measurement and Analysis of Electroencephalogram
Jeadong Lee, Yong-Hwan Lee