Volume 2, No. 4

December 2014

Pages Title and Authors
1-2 Preface
Seungmin Rho, Hangbae Chang, Sang-Soo Yeo
3-33 Robotic Platforms and Their Applications – A Review
Habib F. Rashvand, Kuei-Fang Hsiao
34-48 Describing Colors, Textures and Shapes for Content Based Image Retrieval – A Survey
Jamil Ahmad, Muhammad Sajjad, Irfan Mehmood, Seungmin Rho, Sung Wook Baik

49-55 A Study on Enhanced Security Monitoring in University Network Environments
Mucheol Kim, DaeSik Ko, Hangbae Chang
56-66 Knowledge Service Platform with Live Knowledge Based System
Yang Sok Kim, Byeong Ho Kang, Young Ae Jung