Volume 1, No. 1

December 2013

Pages Title and Authors
1-2 Preface
Seungmin Rho, Hangbae Chang, Sang-Soo Yeo
3-10 Technical Issues for Automatic Article Retrieval from Spoken Broadcast News
Jeong-Sik Park, Kyung-Mi Park, Yung-Hwan Oh
11-20 Toward Smart Robot – A Survey of Smart Device based Sensing and Control Methods for Robotic Applications
Yong-Ho Seo

21-32 Vehicular Communication Simulation Platform (VCSim) for Traffic-oriented Environment
Qiang Zheng, Xiaoting Wang, Minpeng Miao, Kan Zheng

33-40 Web of Things: Future Internet Technologies and Applications
Cheong Ghil Kim